Sunday, November 22, 2009

How We Indirectly Ruined a Surprise Party

We had a couple of big happenings this was how we managed to ruin a surprise party.  The second incident was a Clark Griswold moment concerning a ladder and outdoor Christmas lights.  I'll get to that in the next post.  Right now I'll explain how our family managed to ruin a surprise birthday party. 

An important note to remember about this story is Saturday morning I did some cleaning and Christmas decorating.  I was thinking about random thoughts and I thought about this surprise party.  It was for a dad that helped with the baseball team.  His name is Chez.  He has two boys (Kaul 2nd grade and Joel 1st grade).  I thought "I bet Joel and Kaul didn't know about this party until today when their dad left the house.  That should be exciting for them."

So we get to the party and got in the food line.  We then sat down by Austin, Chez's nephew and Jay's FFA President.  Jay started making small talk with Austin.  We knew he was the one that was supposed to be resonsible for keeping his Uncle busy that morning.  Jay asked if Chez was surprised.  That's when Jay and I got a surprise.....Austin said that Chez had an idea because Cade went to school and asked Kaul about his dad's surprise party.  Great, our kid had a part in ruining the party.  Here we came in talking to everyone, wishing Chez a Happy Birthday.  We would've never known what happened if Austin hadn't said anything.  How embarassing. 

Obviously we had to make the rounds again offering our apoligizies.  Which worked out good because we got to hear the rest of the story and how it exactly took place....Kaul didn't know anything about the party, which isn't surprising (remember my thought from Saturday morning).  I'm sure he didn't want someone knowing something about his family that he didn't know.  Kaul's dad just happend to be at the school the day this 2nd grade conversation took place.  Since Kaul needed to know what was going, rather than waiting to ask his mom, he asked Chez what the deal was with his surprise birthday party.  So when Lanette, Kaul's mom, found out about him asking his dad she had to find out where he heard about the party.  That's when she found out that it was Cade that had started the whole thing.  Lanette said that Kaul was irritated with her because he didn't know anything about the party.  She said "it's a SURPRISE, why in the world would you ask your dad about his SURPRISE party".  Kaul said "because you hadn't told me about it"  Lanette said "I know because it was a SURPRISE."

Jay and I laughed over this all Saturday afternoon.  Luckily everyone in that family is extremely easy going so no one was upset.  I think (or at least I hope) everyone thought that the whole thing was pretty funny.  What is amazing to Jay and I is that we really didn't talk about the party very much.  Jay brought home the invitation, it was a mutual agreement that we'd go, we didn't have to discuss it or anything.  I thought I then put the invitation in our bill basket, but maybe I didn't.  The only other thing I can think of is maybe I left it on the table for awhile?  I sometimes forget that Cade can read.  Maybe he read the invitation?  The other thing that's funny is that Cade and Kaul aren't in the same room this year.  When did they even have time to have this conversation?  Jay and I have always wondered what the kids talk about at school.  Now we have somewhat of an idea.  Kind of makes me wonder though what else Cade's picked up on around the house and is spreading it around.....

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