Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Another Halloween is in the books.  I was always pretty neutral about Halloween growing up, but after we had Cade I started to enjoy it more and more.  Also, it is kind of the unofficial start to the holiday season in my mind so that brings along a little extra excitment for me.    I liked being able to search and find the perfect costume for Cade when he was younger.  Then once he got older and we were able to spend it in Fayetteville the last 3 years it was more fun.  Being able to walk around Nana and Granddad's neighborhood was great.  This year we weren't able to go to Fayetteville since it was on a Monday and Cade has school today, but we still had a great time.  This year I talked Cade into letting me make up a costume instead of buying one.  After last years SWAT team costume (awful, awful, awful) I decided we were done buying them for him.  I'm not sure why he came up with a Scarecrow, but it worked out really well.  I had a pair of m Granddad's old overalls and Pampa's flannel shirt.  We stuffed the pockets with hay (because we didn't have any straw) and made a candy bag out of a feed sack.  I also took a feed sack and made something that went around his head to make it look like a scarecrow head.  I got brown face paint hoping it would match the paper around his head.  It was a little dark so it looked like he fell face first in mud, but it was ok.  He was pleased, Jay and I had fun putting it together.  Halloween was a success! 

I decided not to dress Camryn in a costume this year.  For years I've seen all of the cute holiday clothes for girls and I've drooled over most of them.  Instead of a costume I wanted a cute outfit..  I found some material and made this one for her.  She seemed to think it was ok.  Next year though we may start in on the Disney princesses.  I tried to convince Cade he could go as Prince Charming.  So far he's not too taken with the idea.  I still have a whole year to convince him. 

We were trying to get a picture of Camryn's outfit before we took it off last night.  She was full of funny faces and smiles.

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Shelley said...

Camryn's outfit...you made it? You are so talented. I couldn't make that! It's so festive, I love it!

Cade's costume and facepaint looks five million times better than any store bought! I wish he and E could have gotten their picture together. :)