Thursday, March 26, 2009


Things have been so hectic lately with this job change I haven't had any time to sit down and blog. I've actually missed 2 1/2 days of work over the last couple of weeks because Cade has been sick (I'll have to post the sick story when I have a chance to do some involved storytelling). Those would've been perfect blogging days except that our internet was down. I kept thinking it would come back and after a week I knew we needed to call. Jay did the calling and all of a sudden I heard him say that he'd check to see if the cable was plugged in. That's when it hit me....I had unplugged the cable. I don't remember why I did that, I just did it. After much moaning, groaning and strecthcing our arms as far as possible behind the computer cabinet (while still on the phone with Centurytel) we got the cable plugged in.

I've had some questions about my job and about our adoption. Here's an update....

I'm still working in Carthage. I think my official last day will be April 3, but I'll be back and forth still for the month of April. I'm planning on working 2 days there and 3 days in Mt Vernon. I'm getting more and more exctied about the change. Actually it's more that I'm excited about the drive time rather than the job, but I'm not dreading the job by any means. Training Sandra has been very good for my outlook on what I do. I will admit I was getting bored with it, I needed more of a challenge. Training someone else has reminded me why I liked the job in the first place. Also, the fact that I have someone to laugh with has helped a great deal. I hope this renewed feeling towards my employer extends to my new position and location.

Things on the adoption front are going the same way they have for the last 17 months or should I say 27 months or 3 years 9 months. Which ever waiting time frame you want to use, it's still going the same. We've had several potential families looking at our profile since January, but we've not been picked. There are two other couples that have been waiting longer than we have on the Bethany website. There have been several couples who haven't waited nearly as long, get placements. I wonder if the other two couples are as discouraged as we are? At least with the job training I have not hardly thought about it. The distraction from the worry and wondering has been great.

I use to keep all the e-mails from our agency describing all the potential situations. I thought it would be neat to keep them. Maybe our future child would like to read them someday???? I don't keep them anymore. Since they could be published into a novel I've decided it's too much of a reminder. I would really, really like to get a placement this we keep praying.....

We have not mailed off the application to the other agency yet. We can't really describe why except we didn't feel that was the direction God was wanting us to take. That's the only reason why we could explain our behavior towards the application. This happened to both of us....we'd go to get the application to put in the mail and something would stop us. We'd get distracted or something. It would be hours later before we'd remember that we hadn't done anything with it. This happened numberous times to both of us. Finally we sat down one night and talked about it. We decided that something didn't feel right about it and that we would hold off. It doesn't mean that we won't ever do it, but for now God is telling us to wait on it. That was something I had struggled with when we started discussing the other agency - was I trying to push God along on my time schedule or was he leading us to this other agency? Considering how everything happened we think we were on our timeline rather than God's.

The longer this goes on I do worry that maybe we aren't meant to adopt. Maybe we aren't meant to have any more children. Jay is convinced that it will happen eventually and I hope, hope, hope he's right. I can't wait for the day I finally get to blog that we have a new son or daughter....I just hope that day comes before I'm too feeble to type! (ha, ha)

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Kristy said...

We're still praying over here!

Can't get over Cade's b-day gift...too funny!