Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pig Update

Apparently the pigs are the only excitement around our house because that is all I've talked about for weeks.  And here is another update....

One of them is having hernia surgery right now.  Go ahead and laugh.  That's what everyone else does as soon as we tell them.  Just get it out of your system now.....

Ok, now that you are recovered I'd like to point out something.  We have 5 pigs - 2 black and white and 3 that are called Blue Butts.  Basically they are white with bluish gray spots on their butts.  This means that all three of the Blue Butts have had some sort of an issue because the other two saw the vet their first day alive.  One had the hurt shoulder and the other had its liver sticking out.  Also, this hernia pig is the only boy.  In the world of pigs you prefer boys for showing.  So what did we have? 4 girls and 1 boy.  Opposite of our cattle where you want girls and we always have boys.  Now we probably won't even be able to show the boy because the hernia is going to create a flap of skin on his belly.  I told Jay that when we were discussing getting married there was nothing ever brought up about nursing pigs back to health.  I see that he purposly left that out of the discussion. 

I did get a valentines card from Jay.  He bought it at the feed store.  It has a picture of a pig on it with a sign around it's neck that says I Love You.  The inside says "And I want to Hog you all to myself".  I thought it was pretty funny.  Then I noticed it was signed Jay, Cade, Camryn and The Litter.  I told Jay The Litter was a nice touch.  He had no idea that was on the card.  He signed his name and then gave it to Cade to sign his and Camryn's.  Cade took it upon himself to add the pigs.  Oh, I am living with a couple of jokesters.   

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