Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Letter Writing Campaign

I think the one word that would describe my life right now overwhelmed. I even seem to be to overwhelmed to make a coherent post for my blog. There are so many things that I need to blog about for our own memories but I can't seem to do it. I'm also struggling with laundry, household tasks, my job, training someone else, getting ready for the big
office move, school starting, etc. So I've pretty much decided I need to move
forward with new posts instead of waiting until I get the old ones done... Because they may never get done...

So today's topic is the letter writing campaign I have going inside my head continuously this time of year. There is something about August that takes my normal temperament and shortens it to next to nothing. Actually this year I figured out what triggered it...the FB post showing all the Mighty Mite dates and times.

 If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know my feelings on Mighty Mites. Jay thinks I have some deep psychological thing left over from my HS days where I was involved in everything. Once I got out of HS I developed a real issue about being told when, where and what time I'm required to be somewhere.  I Really can't stand that.  So seeing my evenings and Saturdays being sucked away by a bunch of over zealous football dads on a FB post the end of July makes me irritable. Them once I get irritable about that other things irritate me- like back to school routines. Then I wind up wanting to write letters to every organization that gets under my skin. I've only actually mailed one of these letter. But I've got them composed in my head. And I could produce them in an instant. 

Here is a sample of what I'd like to say right now...

Dear Upper Mgt:
If I get asked one more time how many inches of files will be going Springfield or Joplin you will hear me scream in your cushy office. If you ask me one more time how many boxes we will need to pack up roughly 75 drawers of files plus the personal contents of 6 people I will cuss you out in my head. Just order some bankers boxes and leave me alone. Please. You are greatly contributing to my need to write these letters. Also... We are building multi-million dollar offices but we can't hire a U-Haul??? That is asinine. 

Dear Mighty Mites
On a whole I just really don't like what you are. You suck my evenings away. I'm stuck in my car, in the rain, while watching you continue to practice. Again, I'm cussing you in my head. I don't dislike you quite as much as I did before I got my DVR but you still irritate me. At least though I'm not also missing CSI while I'm visualizing punching the dad, who I heard tell some kids to get their asses over here. And don't get me started on how you print a schedule with one time on it for Saturday's game and then change it Thursday night. 

Dear Missouri State Fair
You probably think I'm writing this about your Rodeo fiasco. While I'm irritated about how you completely blew that out of proportion I'm more irritated at you on a personal level. While the rest if us were required to have our cattle there Friday morning a select few we're allowed to bring theirs Saturday night. Also, what is the deal with bringing the cattle in from tie-outs? Jay was a few minutes late because Cade woke up with a huge blister so they had to stop for band-aids. You almost didn't let them in. So we paid our money and you were going to make us sit there all day??? Clearly you need to realign your priorities. Are you going to micro manage the rodeo or the cattle barns??  You might want to decide because it doesn't look like you can do both very well. 

Dear School
Why must we have so much homework??  Jay and I already know our math. The only thing that gets accomplished with homework is yelling and crying at each other. It doesn't make for a good evening.  I'm not sure I'm mentally ready for homework at this juncture in my life. I'd like to decline it if possible. Also, I know you will roll your eyes when I say this (because Jay and Cade do) BUT I had 12 people in my HS class. I never had homework in elementary, I also learned to write in cursive and I managed to be successful at Missouri State.  I will probably repeat that same line 5 or 6 more times
This fall while I'm contemplating running from my kitchen screaming. The thought of homework makes me want to pass my house in the evenings and just keep on driving. Right now I can only manage one thing an evening. I can't seem to cook, clean and do laundry all in the same night. Clearly I don't have time for homework every night . If you could just limit it to Tuesday nights I'd be grateful. 

Dear 3rd Grade Teacher
When I think about these letters every fall I'd still like to write one to you. I want to personally thank you for sending home 40 triple digit addition problems, when you hadn't even taught it yet on a Wednesday night. After a year of adoption and fertility struggles all I wanted was to watch the season premier of The Middle. I just needed 30 minutes of entertainment. Instead there was weaping and gnashing of teeth. Im willing to take some of the blame for that awful year- 2 failed embryo cycles and a failed
adoption I  dont think i was very pleasant. I also think Jay intimidated you, which was not our intention. But after a year of frustration Jay finally talked to the principal. Later we found out he was your boyfriend. Whoops!!  Three years later we still laugh about that faux pas.  

I've only actually sent one letter. And that guy deserved it!! Of course Jay was
Horrified that I actually sent one.  Tonight Jay told me I was acting weird. I told him it was my letter writing time. He rolled
His eyes and said that this was the time of year I mailed the letter to so and so. Jay avoided that guy for a couple of years.  So if you get a letter from me in August or September you might open it with caution. 

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