Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Part 2

The Saturday after the 4th Cade took Bonnie & Clyde and the cattle to the Dade County show. Camryn and I went to. I'm going to admit it right now...I am not a hard core show Mama. I can not handle Camryn at shows right now. I am not one of those mothers who can have 6 kids climbing on the fences like wild natives while she is using a baby wipe in a cows butt while her 7th child is leading it in to the ring. It is not in my genetic makeup. I think Jay would tell you he can't handle it either. After that day he told me not to go to OEF or the State Fair. Before the cattle show started Cade was even telling me to leave. He can't handle Camryn's crying. 

Camryn did fine during the pig show but fell apart after that. I fed we nachos and Cheetos to keep her happy. I had brought what I thought was a good supply of things to keep her occupied. Wrong. She blew through that in 15 minutes and was terrorizing everything else

Clyde won Reserve Barrow and Judd won Grand Champion Bull. I didn't even get any pictures of Cade that day with his ribbons. 

Someone had a a two week old goat there. Camryn loved it. Jay had to wait for the goat people to load up before he could get our pigs out. He said he had to wait on someone who looked at her goat, shook her finger at it an said No, No, No like she was talking to a kid. Hmm I guess she was actually talking to a kid :)  Dairy goat people are a different breed. 

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