Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wii Update

You may be wondering how the Wii is going. I think it's been a good addition to the family. We all love Mario Kart except that Cade is beating Jay and I all the time. It hurts your pride when a 6 year old beats the snot out of you on almost every game. Cade and I love Lego Batman, even if it makes us argue some....ok it makes us argue a lot. I want to get Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones eventually.

I think Jay's favorite game though is Guitar Hero. It was actually Cade's Christmas present from Pampa, but I think Jay and I were the ones who really wanted it. That's why I got to Sears at 5:00 am the day after Thanksgiving so mom could get it for about half price. I think I need to remind Jay of that "sacrifice". It's kind of cute - Cade can't play but he can sing along with some of the songs. Especially some of the first ones we played over and over while trying to get the hang of it. Nothing says family togetherness than a 6 year old singing Poison's Talk Dirty to Me.

With my Christmas money I bought Wii fit. That has been a lot of fun except it weighs you. I weighed the first day and it was ok. The next time I weighed my weight went up by about two pounds so my Mii got a spare tire around it. It's stomach expanded like a balloon. Now it groans everytime I step on it. So much for the game helping my self esteem!

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