Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Strep Throat

Cade started getting sick on Sunday. Jay had to deal with this round of sickness by himself because I've had some other issues. My grandpa went into the hospital on Friday and things didn't look good. I've been back and forth, living out of my car for the last few days. I did leave work on Monday to relieve Jay for a few hours. We took Cade to the doctor that afternoon and got the diagnosis of strep. We weren't surprised....we were pretty sure that was what he had. The rest of the night Jay and I sat around clearing our throats and swallowing a lot.

Tuesday morning I left early for a meeting with the intentions of checking on Pampa and staying with dad that evening. As I was getting ready to leave , Jay and I stood and stared at each other. Normally I would've given him a quick kiss goodbye, but yesterday I didn't want to. I stood there trying to size up the situation. Jay must've felt the same way because he reached out, patted my arm and told me to have a good day. You know you and your spouse are in sync when the fear of strep outweighs the need for a goodbye kiss and you both are totally ok with that.


Kristy said...

I'm catching up on a little blog reading and you've given me lots!! Love the new look for 2009.
I'm "excited" for your surgery...I hope it gives you some relief!
So besides the groaning, are you happy with the Wii fit? I really want to get it. Do you actually get a good workout? Is it fun?
I sure hope you all don't get strep throat...ugh!
Thanks for keeping us up to date. We love reading!

Kristy said...

So, how did the surgery go? You ok?