Monday, August 29, 2016

Camryn's Kindergarten Chronicles-The Lunchbox Edition

I've decided I need to reinstate my blog. I need somewhere to document the crazy that is Camryn in Kindergarten. We are 10 days into it and it's already been a wild ride. She's ended up with 3 yellow stamps so for throwing food, another for pushing a boy and then the Meerkat one where she got mad at her

friends a lot.  Today's though was what pushed me over. It is her lunchbox....

Yes, I've packed a lunch for her everyday but twice so far. My sister and Jay like to comment on that...why don't you make her eat? Why are you packing lunch? Do you pack one every day?  Yes, yes I do pack a lunch. I don't enjoy it, I would rather she eat at school. It would be so much easier...but I do it for the school. I never heard the term hangry until the last few years. I never knew such a thing existed. And then Camryn came along.

Camryn gets hangry. Anyone who has been around her knows how mean she can get when she's hungry. I pack a lunch because she is a picky eater and won't eat the school lunch. If she doesn't eat she will get hungry. If she gets hungry she gets mad...then she pushes kids and gets mad at her friends and we get yellow stamps and notes home from the teacher.  Basically me packing a lunch really means I'm taking one not only for the team but the entire Mt Vernon Elementary. If you don't know what I'm

talking about refer back to my Facebook post about Meerkats.

The problem though is Camryn does not throw her trash away. Every day Jay and I have to open up her lunchbox and toss the contents. Every bit of trash, Baggie, uneaten food particles, orange peels, half eaten gogurts with their contents oozing out goes back in her box. Then is sits in her classroom from 11:30 on, then it rides a bus to the HS, then it hangs around with Jay and the kids until they get home. Finally around 6pm it gets opened. Barf!!!!

Today's was bad but it wasn't the worse. One day during the first week I sent a Jello cup and a Baggie of gold fish along with a Cutie. Jay said it was unspeakable. Camryn is still traumatized

by it because when I mention goldfish her eyes get huge and she says they were too big of a mess. I didn't see it but I'll take their word for it that it was bad. Jay said the goldfish soaked up the jello and made a soggy gosh-awful mess. I can imagine.

Today's lunch was a sandwich, chips, and olives. Yes, I said olives. I'm going to go out on a limb and say not many K kids had olives in their lunch. It just hit me that she probably put them on her fingers at lunch. I mentioned that to Jay and he said "oh, she already popped those on her fingers this morning while we were waiting in the drop off line."

Today what came home was her trash, 2 separate bread balls, her leftover turkey, and hot, melty cheese.  There was supposed to also be a Gogurt in there but Jay had already taken her lunch box out to the truck when I remembered I hadn't put it in this morning. I handed Cade the yogurt and told him to put it in her box. The Gogurt trash was not in the box which means Cade probably did not get it in her  lunchbox. That will be a mystery for another day. You know when you walk in the door and you spend 20 mins walking around sniffing trying to find where that disgusting smell is coming from.

P.S.  I just asked Camryn if she was eating at school tomorrow. Apparently she doesn't quite understand what that means. I got my hopes up for a second and then she said "I'm going to take croutons."  Hopefully the scho realizes she has really weird eating habits and I'm not really starving her when she shows up with raw cauliflower and string cheese.

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Jason Fowler said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! I have not laughed that hard in QUITE a long time. I'm literally wiping tears as I'm attempting to leave some sort of compensatory acknowledgement of gratitude! You are a great mom but an even better writer of the humorous truths of parenting and I wish I had started reading your blog earlier! Love you lots!