Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Here is a PSA/Reminder/Something to think about for you ladies.....

For the past several months I had noticed a change in my breasts.  I couldn't feel anything specific - no lumps or bumps but overall things were just different.  I watched it for a couple of months and thought I could see a pattern to it.  When I went in for my yearly exam with my  Gynecologist I mentioned it to him.  He automatically said "lets do a mammogram."  He went on to tell me that with my age I was close enough to 40 and he'd rather send 99 people to have mammogram's and not need them just to catch the 1 who does.  He didn't think I had anything to be concerned about but we both agreed that it was better to be safe than sorry.   

I scheduled my first one for August 24th.  They told me while I was there that since it was my first one not to be surprised if they called me back and had me come in again.  On the afternoon of the 25th I got that call.  I wasn't all that impressed with the nurse when she called.  Looking back on the conversation I think she may have been nervous.  I wonder if she was fairly new at making these kinds of calls. I also realize that my heart stopped beating for a few seconds when she started talking so I probably wasn't picking up what she was telling me either.  I thought I had the jest of the conversation so I repeated it back to her.  "We are doing this because you need a clearer picture and not because they see something."  Her reply was "I think so."  I refused to allow myself to worry about any of this so I took what she said to heart and went on with my week.

I went back for the 2nd mammogram on August 31st.  I ended up having a more in depth one which was then followed up by an ultrasound.  I did get a little nervous because at first the mammogram tech said I only needed the mammogram on one side.  The thought of that scared me more than thinking I needed it on both for some reason, but then she realized she had read it wrong and did both. 

Once Tuesday passed with no phone calls I felt like there was a good chance I was in the clear.  Then once Wednesday passed I felt pretty good.  I figured I'd get a follow up letter in the mail in a few days.  That all changed Thursday.  I was working in our Bolivar office that day and I had gone to lunch.  I pulled my phone out to check the time and saw the Doctor's office had called.  I immediately left the restaurant.  The message said they needed to talk to me but that they were leaving for lunch from 12-1.  I tried calling at 11:58 and they were already gone.

I had not worried one bit about any of this, but that hour was pretty rough.  Actually there was a 5 minute spell in there that was the worst.  Everything kind of flashed before me. I knew I had customers scheduled to come in so I had to pull myself together.  The only other person who knew I had the mammogram's was Charity and she was at work.  So was my mom and Jay and my dad was having medical things of his own that day.  I ended up calling Sharon and thankfully she was home and answered on the 2nd ring.  I explained to Sharon what was going on and I just needed to talk to someone for a few minutes.  We talked about mammograms and the different letters she had received over the years.  Talking to her made me feel better and I was able to get control over my emotions.  I had also emailed to ladies at work and asked them to pray for me because I knew they would.  By the time I got off the phone with Sharon I could tell the prayers were working because I felt calm. 

I survived until 1 and then I called the office back.  They answered immediately (which was another answered prayer).  The nurse (different one then who called me originally) apologized for leaving the message at the time she did.  She felt really bad about it.  She went on to say that I needed to have a repeat mammogram in 6 months.  I was so relieved.  I'm not sure I've got all the spelling on this right but I have Asymmetrical Fibrous Tissue.  They don't think there is anything there, but the doctor can't say with 100% confidence that he feels comfortable with me waiting a whole year for another one.  The nurse said that she sees this often and that the radiologist is extremely cautious - which is how you want them to be! 

So after the long story the take away is that I'm fine.  I'm not concerned about it at all.  But I will follow my doctors orders and schedule a follow up in February/March.  The other reminder is to notice those changes and if something doesn't feel right talk to your doctor!  My doctor had said that the worst that would happen if my mammogram came back fine was wasting time at the doctors office and getting my boob smashed.  I don't even feel like I wasted my time having it done.  It's been a good reminder to do monthly checks and pay attention to changes.  And if you are over 40 make sure you get your yearly mammograms! 


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