Tuesday, July 8, 2014

To whom it may concern...

When you sent the text Sunday evening about the football camp Tuesday and Thursday night you stated it started at 6 and ended at 8. Jay, along with the other parents did their part and got their kids there by 6. Did you forget to wear a watch? I know football may be the only thing going in your life right now, but it is the tiniest ittsy bitsy part of ours. With Jay and I working full time along with chickens for the gala, pigs for Ozark Empire, cows for State Fair and a three year old tornado named Camryn our schedules are tight. We have plotted and planned and scheduled within an inch of our lives. So when you decide that what you are doing is way too important to quit at 8 and you drag on past 8:15 then on towards 8:30 I get irritated. In fact if looks could kill you probably would've died 40 times between 8 and 8:15. I'm curious,  can you feel the daggers I'm staring at you?  

Also, to the man no one knew tonight. When you continue to repeat 5 or 6 times what the head coach just said you don't look or sound smart. In fact you sound the opposite of smart. I also stared daggers at you just because.  

So after the day I had at work going to football camp was probably not the best idea. I will take part of the blame for tonight's letter. But in the future please look at your watch. Or even better- your iPhone comes with an awesome alarm clock. Maybe you should use it. 

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