Friday, January 24, 2014


I think it has been two weeks since I last posted....and what a two weeks it has been!  I am completely exhausted!!!

I'll try to do a more detailed post later with all the funny things that have happened - because yes we can somewhat laugh about them now....a week a go we couldn't.

Bonnie had her babies a week ago.  We had 11 perfect little piggies.  Then she went nuts and killed and/or injured 8 of them.  After the carnage of early Friday morning we were left with 3 good pigs and 3 severly hurt ones.  Jay rushed the hurt ones to the vet that morning and two of those have survived a full week.  That brings our total up to 5 pigs....all living in a pack-n-play in our garage.  Which is acutally a step up from the first night that they spent in the kitchen.  The vets office called Monday morning to check on the injured pigs.  They seemed pretty surprised when I told them they were still alive and kicking.  Oh the things we will do for our children.  After Jay took the pigs to the vet I got the following message from him.....Cost at the vet $108, bag of milk starter for the pigs $70, keeping Cade happy priceless.  I'd say rough guess we've got about a $1,000,000 in these pigs - give or take a little.  Oh and we are getting up every three hours to feed the pigs.  Yeah, I'm pretty cranky so you might want to stay clear of me for another week or so.

Ind the midst of this Cade started not feeling good.  I won't go into the gory details on the blog but if you'd like to know what the problem was just email me or text me.  It actually is a good thing to know about because we were completely clueless.  I took him to the doctor Monday afternoon and I could tell the doctor's whole attitude was different than when we are normally there.  He said "you are going to have to take him straight to the ER."  At the ER we were ushered in and Cade was prepped for emergency surgery as a precaution.  It turns out he just had an infection probably caused by his flu virus settling in a weird spot.  We had a tense few hours Monday evening.   Between driving the ER and telling Jay what to tell his mom in regards to caring for our piggies I was worn out.  I spent Tuesday at home with Cade and then again yesterday taking him to a follow up appointment.  He is doing fine now - but we won't mess around with something like that again.  So if you have a boy or know a boy just ask for the details.  It may help you at some point. 

Camryn is also not feeling good.  I believe she has woke up crying and yelling at us the last 5 mornings.  So by the time we take care of the pigs, remind Cade about his medicine and listen to her yell my nerves have been shot.  Then I walked into work today and heard about this propane disaster.  Thats all I need to follow Pigtastrophe of 2014 now we are dealing with the Propane Shortage of 2014.  I'm exhausted and listening to people tell me that when we call for propane today I may be paying $1,000 for what normally would cost $400-$500.  Yup - just what I needed. 

Oh someday I will look back on this crazy week and laugh and laugh....This is what I get for laying out our budget for the next 6 months and really working on that snowballing debt thing.  I really think God is working on me to just trust Him and not worry about things too far in the future.  Like the fact it seems we will always have a montly payment to Cox!!!

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