Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life Happenings…

Things have been busy around our house which is why I haven't posted since September 20th. We survived our homestudy update on the 22nd. Pamela said that she never imagined she'd be coming over to do a 2nd update for us – yeah, we didn't either, but it's over for another year. We really do enjoy talking to her so that at least makes it better. We're still waiting to get the rest of our blood work results in so we can get those forms sent to the agency. Jay had his done at the health department because his insurance won't pay for it so that's taking a little longer. I'm hoping that we'll have all of that done by next week??? I did get our profile updated and mailed to Pamela last week. She's going to look it over and let us know if we should change anything. In the next few weeks we should also have a new letter and pictures appear on the Bethany website.

On the 25th Tyson's had a surprise retirement party for Jim at their hatchery. Somehow Jim managed to not catch on to all of the phone calls and increased activity that went on for awhile. He was surprised by the party, which was Sharon's goal. I'm glad that it all worked out. Cade had an interesting conversation with a maintenance man that night after the party. Mr. Williams was sitting down to take a break while we were getting the last of the gifts out to the truck. Cade sat down beside him and asked what his job was. They struck up quite the conversation. It really sounded like to adults going back and forth and all of us just stood there taking it all in. Cade told Mr. Williams about a friend issue he'd had at school that day and Mr. Williams talked to him about all of the different options he had to resolve the conflict. I wondered if we could hire Mr. Williams to do some anxiety counseling?

On Monday the 28th I left for Jeff City at 5:30 am and didn't get home until Tuesday evening. Then on Thursday I had to go back to Jeff City and I got home Friday afternoon. Those two trips took up the whole week, which was another reason why I didn't get any posting done. There's not anything too interesting about driving to Jeff City…except that we decided to take a different road on the way home due to slow traffic and we ended up in Waynesville. Let's just say that was really out of the way for us. Tomorrow I get to make another drive to Jeff City, but thankfully it's just a day trip. This should be the end of my trips to there for awhile.

Besides driving to Jeff City, we've been going to football games. Cade's playing flag football again this year. We've also been doing homework. It seems like homework is all we do anymore. Last Wednesday (my one day home last week) Cade came home with 138 subtraction problems. No wonder the kid is suffering from anxiety. Jay and I both had anxiety attacks after looking at what he (we) had to do. Have I mentioned I hate 2nd grade homework? There's nothing like 138 math problems to suck all of your time away in the evening.

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